Elmo-Tehna visited Ohrid where together with over 10,000 guests and visitors attended the spectacle of a Christian religious holiday - Epiphany.
Elmo-Tehna visited the unique manifestation of the fishermen also, collective bathing for good luck in fishing, manifestation that was traditionally held on the Orthodox feast of St.Jovan Krstitel. The event was enriched with an exhibition of fishing tools and ways in which fish were caught, from prehistory to the present day in Ohrid Lake. The event was enriched by stands where caterers from Ohrid offered to the visitors hot "rakija" (brandy), wine, "plashica" (Lake Ohrid bleak) and fish stew.
Elmo-Tehna attended the collective baptism of thirty people in the water of consecrated Lake Ohrid. Browse our gallery to see more photos.