All About Water Treatment - ELMO-TEHNA


ELMO-TEHNA is a manufacturing company started in 1991, which has been developing and manufacturing equipment for treatment of the drinking water, waste and industrial fecal water, as well as the water for olympic and home swimming pools and fountains.
ELMO-TEHNA offers systems for measurement and regulatory equipment that provide accuracy and certainty in measurement, control and regulation in the treatment of drinking water, wastewater, industry for usage of water and pool water.
ELMO-TEHNA offers a wide range of devices and equipment for dosing of aggressive liquids and gases used in the treatment of drinking water, swimming pool and industrial water.
ELMO-TEHNA offers products and systems for disinfection of water through chlorination, ozonation, UV sterilization, aeration, allowing the quality of bacteriological and chemical purity of the water.


ELMO-TEHNA has been part of the water industry for twenty years.

Our products have been applied effectively in large number of projects in various applications: drinking water and sanitation, wastewater treatment, chemical industry, power and swimming pools.
Based on our experience, knowledge and reliability, we have a good reputation in the world of water industry and confidence of our customers.
The part of our completed projects.


All the products are tested in advance and in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standard. Our experts guarantee the safety and reliability.


ELMO-TEHNA constantly follows the latest trends in the development of different areas and uses the latest technology development, design and creation of new products.


The satisfaction of the customers is our leading principle and our goal, reaching professionalism.


ELMO-TEHNA provides optimal levels of dosage with minimum chemicals and spending of energy with minimal environmental impact. Water is one of the basic elements of life. Our responsibility is to take care of it and keep it clean. With our products, we contribute to the preservation of this invaluable resource and a better future for our planet.